What We Believe


Our Mission

Following Jesus Together. Sharing His Hope

We Value

  • Growing In Faith
    • Connecting to God
    • Living and growing our faith
  • Fostering Community and Belonging
    • Strengthening families
    • Connecting people
  • Reaching out in Compassion
    • Loving like Jesus
    • Sharing the Great News

Understanding our Mission

Our goal is Jesus: to know him and become like him (Philippians 3:8,10; 2 Corinthians 3:18). This is a lifetime journey of transformation meant to be experienced in community. The Great Commission is for followers of Jesus (disciples) to help others become followers of Jesus (make disciples) (Matthew 28:18-20). That is our ultimate mission and the reason we exist as a church. Therefore we have an individual and corporate responsibility to those who are in the church and to those who are not yet part of God’s family. We need to be constantly reminded of the privileged task Jesus gave us to share his hope and help with a needy world.

Understanding our Core Values

Recognizing that what we value shapes who we are and how we respond, we commit ourselves to core values that will serve as lenses through which we evaluate our ministry and make decisions. Loving God and others is our highest value.

  •  The Great Commandment sums up our relationship with God and to all those around us (Mark 12:30-31).
  • Jesus also said that love would be our defining quality as his disciples (John 13:34-35).
  • Love for others is expressed through meeting both spiritual and practical needs.

Transformation occurs in community

  • Jesus’ intent for his Church is that we would each continue to grow into his image.
  • The Christian life is meant to be lived in community. Together we help each other in our journey to Jesus.

We will hold grace and truth in balance

  • It is easy to overemphasize either grace or truth, seeing them as competing values. When we do, our ministry and testimony suffer.
  • John 1:14 and 17 tell us that Jesus is full of grace and truth and that grace and truth come from him. Therefore, as we become like Jesus, these need to be always held in balance.