Our Connect Ministry exists to reach out to families who have children with special needs. Many times, families stop coming to church because they feel uncomfortable and their needs are not met. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere of acceptance so that both children and their parents can feel ‘at home’ at Ladner Baptist Church.

Connect shares our church’s vision: “Impacting lives as we follow Jesus together”. We are making a difference in the lives of those we connect with by offering God’s love and hope through the support we give.

Our Mission is to…

Connect with Jesus and understand his love for each person in our church and community regardless of their disabilities/abilities
Connect by understanding the experiences of the families we work with in order to make LBC a more inclusive place for them and their children

Connect by building meaningful and caring relationships with our buddies
Connect by building our ability to engage with our buddies and their families through careful and committed study of current practices in special education.

Overview of the Ministry

1. The Leadership Team sets policy and direction. It is made up of Angela Mathews, our Children’s Ministry Director, Kathy Mawhorter, Meg Neufeld and Doug Ratzlaff.

2. The Prayer Team exists to pray for the special needs families and the ministry. This is coordinated by Carol Leukefeld.

3. The ‘Buddy’ System. Little buddies are matched up with Big buddies who have received training. The big buddies accompany and assist the little buddies on Sundays. This frees up the parents to attend the service without worrying.

4. The Point Team is our hospitality team who take care of our special needs families as they enter the building.

5. Creative Events for special needs families, coordinated by Meg Neufeld.
For more information on our Connect Ministry, please contact Michelle.