Growth Groups

How "Church" goes from a Service to a Family

What are growth groups?

Growth Groups are our intentional way of being a part of a church family. We can't carry the weight of everyone as individuals, but as a community we can love, care for, and support one another as we struggle through life and stumble along our way following Jesus.

What does a growth group look like?

Although each group will look slightly different (meeting more or less frequently, including various demographics or ages, being involved in different service areas, etc.), each group will have the same 5 basic components which are based off of Acts 2:42-47

  1. Coming In and Going Out - every group will not merely be focused on reaching out or gathering together, but will do both! We want to be able to take care of one another and grow together, but we also want to love, serve, and bring the good news of Jesus to the community around us.
  2. Celebrating Jesus - every week we celebrate Jesus! This is the focus of the Bible and our church: Jesus Christ--knowing him more and being shaped by him so that we may reflect his character in our everyday lives.
  3. Eating - Though we won't necessarily eat weekly at every group, this will be a frequent part of our growth groups. The early church ate together... a lot! We believe there is something special about sharing a meal together and using it as a way to remember the sacrifice of Christ.
  4. Praying - We believe in the power of prayer and the importance of praying for one another and also for the mission of Jesus! Prayer is a gift where we get to talk to our Heavenly Father and we want this to be in the DNA of who we are.
  5. Learning Together - The early church constantly reminded and taught one another about Christ through the letters of Paul and the Old Testament. We seek to do the same so that we ultimately can be shaped to look more like Jesus. The more we know him, the more we can reflect him to a world in desperate need of love, hope, and peace!

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